2016 – Most Memorable AUSTRALIAN Sporting moments

As the year comes to an end I thought I would sit down and come up with a list of my top 5 Australian sporting moments for the calendar year.
A great deal of thought has gone into this project… Well actually about 5min as I sit here between clients in the car… But I guess that is the best way to come up with a list like this. For me Memorable needs to be so sing which comes to my mind first when I think about the year, obviously because the most memorable moments are right at the front of my thoughts.
1. Australian 7s Female Gold
2. Kyle Chalmers
3. Western Bulldogs
4. Cronulla Sharks
5. Australian Steelers – Double Overtime victory for gold against USA

Australian 7s Female Gold

Ok, I might be a tad biased here. Rugby 7s is my favourite sport to watch. It’s fast, it’s dynamic, and it’s fan base is wild. But look past all that and you will see Australia’s greatest sporting moment for 2016 in my eyes.
A female team, led by an exceptionally passionate management group, and supported by an over-enthusiastic support base of green and gold. These girls trained there backside off whist on minimal pay to do so. A lot of these girls held down regular jobs whilst still putting the same workload in as professional athletes. A testament to their motivation and belief in achieving sports greatest honour.

Kyle Chalmers 100m gold

Who is this kid? Why is he beating the fastest swimmers in the world?? Those questions came to mind straight away when I watched the younge freight train slam into the wall at the Rio Olympics. I had just witnessed a bloke move from close to last at the 50m mark, into the front of the pack. And being a swimmer myself (albeit a lot less skilled) I can appreciate the kind of effort needed to claw back meters after a slower start. But this was no accident, it was a careful race strategy designed by Australia’s best swimming tacticians.
Arguably one of the most sought after swimming medals, 100m swimmers usually fit into one of two categories. Big and powerful, or thin and fast. Chalmers fits into the big and powerful category, and at the tender age of 18 surely he can add to that…. if he isn’t drafted into the AFL in the meantime.

Western Bulldogs

AFL the national game. Honestly it took a few years of me living in Victoria to actually appreciate the sport for what it is… A bloody tough game.
It took a long time for the Western Bulldogs to win their premiership, way too long. And to be completely honest the result came as a bit of a surprise. Without a single player of roaring talent, the team gains it’s strength from a strong belief and tough backbone. You can tell that the dynamics and the core beliefs held within the group are strong, and that is evident in their prowess on the field.

Cronulla Sharks

An emerging talent, and one much similar to the Western Bulldogs. The sharkies, as they are known in the shire of Cronulla emerged triumphant after a Stella year with the ball in hand. A tough-as-nails team with a few standouts but mostly a team of workers. The sharkies managed to pull out the 4th place on the list after holding the trophy above their head for the first time in the clubs long and distinguished history.

Australian Steelers

A story which often gone unheard within the general public of Australia, but not so much if you are a true sporting fan. The steelers for those out of the know, played off against the USA for a Paralympic Gold medal in Rio…. and the game was decided after a lengthy process of ‘double extra time’. It was the Steelers who rained suppreme that day and forever holding a place within Australian hearts against the new enemy.

As always this kind of article is purely my own thoughts, and to be honest is heavily biase to the sports that I do take the most interest in. I guess that is why you it is MY most memorable moments. Let me know yours.

David Selwood


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