Selwoods Coaching is the blog page for writer David Selwood.

Dave is a qualified Exercise Scientist and sporting coach. Dealing predominantly with athletes of all sports he specialises in endurance and multi-sports in particular triathletes.

After competing in triathlon since 2003 as a junior and rising through the ranks as a competitive age grouper he raced his first Ironman in 2009 at the age of 20.

In 2012 he completed the first of his university degrees. A bachelor in Exercise Science with a specialisation in rehabilitation.

With a very tactical and calculated approach to the sport he enjoyed writing articles based of his knowledge and research.

Whilst helping people achieve their goals in sport he spent the majority of his time managing fitness clubs and helping everyday people get started on healthier and  more productive lifestyles.

David offers his programming services to those wishing to take their fitness to the next level in their given sport. Please contact him for more information.